EmerGeo Version 3 Released

Enables plotting of WebEOC data through the EmerGeo browser client.

A detailed description or online demonstration of these new enhancements is available on request.

April 20, 2007

VANCOUVER B.C. – EmerGeo Solutions announced today the immediate availability of EmerGeo 3.0, a significant release of EmerGeo mapping that includes:

  1. Major enhancements to EmerGeo’s WebEOC® crisis management software interface, including ability to plot WebEOC status board data though the EmerGeo Browser Client.
  2. Export of EmerGeo and customer map data to Google Earth® for real-time 3-D visualization of data.
  3. Simplified and enhanced Browser Client functionality.
  4. Modifiable tool bars and buttons to customize and simplify the user interface.
  5. Web client accessible Administration Features, enabling customer’s administrators to control EmerGeo from anywhere.

Our goal continues to be “Advancing emergency mapping technology while reducing the complexities”.

EmerGeo Solutions, Inc. provides consulting services and fully integrated situation awareness technology solutions to help manage risk in Emergency Management, Environment Health & Safety, Security and Business Resilience for government and industry. Our EmerGeo software application provides all decision-makers with timely access to critical information and the decision-support tools needed before, during and after emergencies and major events.

EmerGeo’s unique managed Common Operating Picture (mCOP™) technology allows information stored in siloed systems to be shared securely and in a controlled way among work groups so that all decision-makers are working from the most up-to-date, accurate and validated information available. Our hosted Learning Management System (eLearning) ensures customers can implement our technology and best practices in a cost-effective manner.