EmerGeo Participates in National Disaster Simulation Project

EmerGeo Mapping a Key Component of an Interoperability Framework for Municipal-Provincial-Federal Collaboration.

September 28, 2007

VANCOUVER B.C. – EmerGeo Solutions Inc. is collaborating with key Canadian federal agencies and industry partners in a three-year disaster simulation project led by CAE and funded by the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI).

CRTI was launched in May 2002 as the federal science community’s response to providing science solutions to CBRNE terrorist threats. It has been very successful in building linkages among non-traditional partners and across organizational boundaries. These new communities have increased Canada’s knowledge and preparedness for countering CBRNE threats by working together on a common mission.

Like most major emergencies and disasters, CBRN threats demand a collaborative response from diverse municipal, provincial, and federal stakeholders. Collaboration can only be achieved when common and compatible standards, processes, protocols, and tools are used by responders at the scene to provincial-federal agencies supporting the response effort.

The project, announced in December 2006 by CAE, is to develop a simulation-based emergency management experimentation capability to support analysis, training, and operational rehearsal for Canadian homeland security organizations. The project team will build an operational architecture based on the critical incident responses of organizations to selected scenarios. Simulated CBRN events will unfold within the selected geographical area of Vancouver and the Vancouver-Whistler corridor.

EmerGeo mapping software will integrate a high-resolution map (geospatial dataset) as the basis for a Common Operating Picture Environment (COPE).

Simulated incidents, resources and activities will be injected onto 2-D and 3-D maps used by municipal-provincial-federal decision-makers.

The simulation environment will test strategies and tactics used to protect people and property. Outputs from CBRN models used at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Suffield, chemical plume “foot prints” produced by Environment Canada’s “urban canyon” dispersion algorithms, and simulated movement of police, fire and other resources will be displayed on EmerGeo’s planning and situation overview maps as the scenario unfolds.

Three simulation-based scenarios will test the municipal-provincial-federal responder interfaces in terms of command, control, shared awareness, and the extent to which operational interoperability can be achieved.

The simulation-based analysis will be used to validate the current operational architecture, investigate potential challenges, and establish a platform to enhance municipal-provincial-federal interoperability.

The project participants include:


  • DRDC Ottawa and DRDC Suffield
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police – E-Division
  • Environment Canada – Canadian Meteorological Centre
  • Department of National Defence – Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre



  • CAE


  • EmerGeo Solutions, Inc.
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • Vancouver Police Department

More information on the CRTI 05-0058TD Project can be found here.

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