EmerGeo Version 3.9 Released

Adding Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking — Simulation Replay — File Attachments to Features

— April 15, 2008 — EmerGeo Solutions (TSX-V: KAV) is please to announce a major new release of its EmerGeo emergency mapping software that extends its functionality and interoperability capabilities.
EmerGeo is used by many government and industry organizations around the world to collect, analyze, track and communicate critical information before, during and after any type of emergency or disaster. Its unique workflow engine ensures that the right information is published to the right people or groups in the field, in an EOC or on the other side of the world.

Several requests from customers for product-enhancement have been added into Version 3.9. New functions include:

  1. GPS Interface (Global Positioning Interface) to track users in the field;
  2. Enhanced hotlinks with automatic file uploading (e.g. uploading photo’s from the field);
  3. Real-time USGS Earthquake ‘Shake Map’ Feed Interface;
  4. Increased reliability and efficiency in both EmerGeo Server and Smart Client;
  5. Enhanced browser panes in the EmerGeo Smart Client that can now contain both EmerGeo Browser and WebEOC® sessions;
  6. Enhanced draw tools;
  7. WebEOC Version 7 compatibility;
  8. Unicode support for international language support (such as Arabic) in both the Smart Client and Browser clients;
  9. Enhanced Web Services Application Programming Interface (API) to enable two-way data sharing with external mapping and other web applications;
  10. A “Replay” functionality for layers with time attributes (e.g. oil spills); and,
  11. A new Dialogic Communicator NXT® Notification Interface (currently in Beta).

“We continue to mesh all the pieces together through our OpenGIS® platform and through alliances with industry leaders such as ESRI and ESi (WebEOC®)”, states Mike Morrow    , EmerGeo Solutions’ President and CEO. “The key is our managed spatial workflow publishing engine that ensures only the right information is sent to the right people or groups – to avoid the common information overload problem. EmerGeo is re-defining the term Common Operating Picture (COP) – we now offer mCOP™: a managed Common Operating Picture”.

Existing EmerGeo customers will receive these new features at no charge as part of their EmerGeo Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement.

“Version 4, due out shortly, will further advance EmerGeo’s capabilities and bring us much closer to our goal of delivering a true Common Operating Picture application that leverages OpenGIS® and ESRI standards to enable seamless access and sharing of data among field staff and site support organizations (Emergency Operation Centres)”, states Morrow.

EmerGeo Version 4 will offer a tight integration with the latest ESRI ArcGIS® technology, giving users a familiar web client user interface and integrating EmerGeo’s emergency layers with their organization’s existing ESRI ArcGIS® and Spatial Database Engine (SDE) data.

EmerGeo Solutions, Inc. is an authorized Value-Added Reseller of the WebEOC® software, an ESRI Developer and Business Partner, a member of the Open GIS Consortium and developer of emergency mapping applications that leverage open web standards to enable interoperability.

EmerGeo continues to expand its implementations globally with many recent sales in the USA, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Canada.

EmerGeo Solutions, Inc. provides consulting services and fully integrated situation awareness technology solutions to help manage risk in Emergency Management, Environment Health & Safety, Security and Business Resilience for government and industry. Our EmerGeo software application provides all decision-makers with timely access to critical information and the decision-support tools needed before, during and after emergencies and major events.

EmerGeo’s unique managed Common Operating Picture (mCOP™) technology allows information stored in siloed systems to be shared securely and in a controlled way among work groups so that all decision-makers are working from the most up-to-date, accurate and validated information available. Our hosted Learning Management System (eLearning) ensures customers can implement our technology and best practices in a cost-effective manner.