EmerGeo Solutions Continues to Grow – Corporate Update

VANCOUVER, B.C.  - November 6, 2008 – EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc. (TSX-V: EMG) (the “Company”, “EmerGeo” or “EMG”), a leading provider of Emergency Management software and consulting services, is pleased to announce that the Company continues to grow internationally, advance its technology and build strategic alliances. 

Over the past several months we have all experienced difficult market conditions around the globe.  This market turmoil, however, has not affected EMG.  Management has made exceptional progress on executing the Company mandated business plan and achieving projected sales targets. 

Investment in our market sector, public safety and homeland security, continues to grow significantly despite the current upheaval in World markets.  EMG’s technology helps responders protect people, property and the environment against the adverse consequences of emergencies, terrorism and disasters – investment is only going to continue to grow in this area.  The Company has invested in systems and hired key staff in Sales/Marketing, Product Development, Customer Support and Finance/Administration to build a strong foundation for growth.

Below is a brief summary of a few key business activities that EMG has successfully cultivated since April 2008:

  1. United Arab Emirates
    1. Secured a key C$555,000 contract in October 2008 for the provision of emergency management consulting services to design and implement sustainable and comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and Systems in the region.  The contracting organization has requested to remain un-named.
    2. Established EmerGeo Solutions Middle East Inc. with an office and staff in Abu Dhabi.
    3. Two sizeable multi-year, multi-million dollar proposals have been submitted for the supply of EMG emergency management software and consulting services in new state of the art emergency operation centers in the region.  Awards are expected in early 2009.
    4. Additionally large proposals have been submitted for EmerGeo software, systems integration, training/simulation and consulting services in the region.
  2. USA
    1. Successful completion of a substantial implementation of WebEOC® and EmerGeo software at the largest gas and utility company in the USA.  The software has been deployed in production as of August 2008 and will support hundreds of users throughout Southern California.  Project extensions and expansion are planned for 2009.
    2. Successful implementation of EmerGeo software in a US State’s Emergency Operation Centre.  This is the third US State Agency to buy EmerGeo products and services and we are rapidly becoming a recognized name in the USA, as we initiate a new sales program focused on the US Homeland Security market.
  3. Canada
    1. Under a 5 year contract, EMG is developing and hosting online EOC and Emergency Response courses for 6000 employees and contractors working at the largest oil sands production facility in the world with capacity to produce over 15% of Canada’s oil requirements. EMG is also providing Incident Command System (ICS) training to key emergency response staff and management.
    2. EMG was recently contracted to develop the Emergency Response Awareness online course at a global energy company with over 3500 employees. The course will be delivered to locations in Canada, US, North Sea, UK, Norway, Yemen, West Africa and Colombia.
    3. EMG will assist one of the largest air based transport medicine programs operating in North America with the development and implementation of their Emergency Management programs and Incident Management System (IMS). EMG has also been contracted to deliver both online and instructor based training to over 300 employees.
    4. EMG has worked closely with a large pipeline company over the past 9 months to install EmerGeo software and update/harmonize all emergency response programs, processes and systems for the entire line.
  1. Australia – EmerGeo software has been selected after an intensive 2-year pilot as the standard emergency management system that enables real-time information and data sharing between multiple emergency response agencies.  Additional sales to state and local agencies are planned for FY2008/2009.
  2. Strategic Alliances – several strategic alliances have been formed to leverage our sales and technology around the world.  An example is CAE, (www.cae.com), a world leader in simulation technologies and training services.  In a recent program to support the Canadian Department of National Defence, CAE’s Professional Services team and EmerGeo worked closely to develop a planning and training environment for multi-agency response to security threats, which integrated CAE’s simulation technology with its 3-D mapping software. Together, EmerGeo and CAE are pursuing several opportunities around the globe.
  3. New EmerGeo Software Version Release – Version 4 of our software was just released this quarter and initial feedback from our customers and prospects is very exciting.  Version 4 comes with a higher price than earlier versions but gives customers the advantage of a new web mapping interface, improved interfaces to world leading software such as WebEOC®, Google Earth® and ESRI ArcGIS®, enterprise scalability, and a platform for new hosted web applications planned for 2009.

EmerGeo will continue to build, integrate and implement the World’s leading emergency management information systems that are proven effective at helping save lives, secure property and protect the environment – around the Globe. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors,


“Mike Morrow    ”

President & CEO