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Vancouver, B.C., - June 12, 2009 – EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc. (TSX-V: EMG), a leading provider of emergency management, environment health safety, and security software and consulting services, is pleased to announce the release of its new crisis management software product called EmerGeo FusionPoint.

Building on the company’s disaster-proven technology and experience, EmerGeo FusionPoint provides a unified view of information from multiple systems commonly used in response to emergencies: crisis information management software, such as WebEOC® and ETeam, 9-1-1 dispatch systems, security cameras and other systems.

“In every disaster, two things always go wrong:  there is a lack of accurate incident intelligence (knowing what has happened, where, and what is happening) and a failure to effectively communicate that intelligence among multiple response agencies”, explains Mike Morrow    , President and CEO.  “EmerGeo FusionPoint brings it all together in a simple unified view.  We wanted to deliver a tool that empowers our customers to integrate data from their existing emergency systems into a dashboard with the essential information they need to help protect people, property and the environment from any type of hazard”.

FusionPoint Screenshot


EmerGeo FusionPoint uses the latest open web standards and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to enable integration with a wide variety of systems.  A unique Fusion Service with “Intelligent Connectors” provides options to interface with many external systems and databases.  Customers simply drag-and-drop their application windows (“widgets”) into the FusionPoint web portal to create a custom dashboard, as shown in the graphic.

“There is a lot of great data available to those people who make life saving decisions, but no system that brings it all together into a simple, integrated view on the web – and in a cost-effective way. FusionPoint fills that gap”, explains Mr. Morrow.

EmerGeo FusionPoint will be released on June 30, 2009.  More information can be obtained from the company’s website at www.emergeo.com or through the contact numbers below.


About EmerGeo

EmerGeo develops, integrates, resells and supports emergency management software solutions and services.  EmerGeo’s software provides optional interfaces to crisis management, hazard modeling and simulation systems, giving users an ability to visualize their incident, resources and other critical data on electronic maps to help government and industry to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from potential or actual incidents, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other major events.

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