Abu Dhabi Police Creates GIS Center for Security

The Abu Dhabi Police are on the Road to a World-Class Enterprise GIS with EmerGeo’s Fusionpoint crisis management software a core part of the solution. The following excerpt comes from an article in Esri’s Fall 2011 Edition of ArcNews:

GIS solutions architect Mohamed Bisher Bashaireh, Abu Dhabi Police, stated “ADP used to generate separate reports from a variety of police legacy systems, manually compare all the spreadsheet and map reports, and try to develop actionable information from them. This process took a long time.” To overcome these manual data challenges, GIS Center for Security (GISCS) implemented EmerGeo Fusionpoint software from Esri Partner EmerGeo Solutions, Inc., of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. EmerGeo Fusionpoint is tightly integrated with the central GIS database served by ArcGIS for Server. In addition, GISCS’s crisis information management system includes software based on ArcGIS to integrate five legacy systems:

1. Command and control system for high-priority crimes
2. Automated vehicle location for monitoring crisis vehicles
3. Closed-circuit TV cameras for viewing live feeds around the city
4. Contingency and security plans for large-scale event and disaster planning
5. Human resources system for viewing specialized personnel information for deployment

The full article is available in an online version of ESRI’s ArcNews (Fall 2011) at:


Fusionpoint Situation Map of a Fire Simulation Plume.

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