Case Study (Feb 2011): Fusionpoint Supports Major US-Canada Cross Border Exercise

EmerGeo in partnership with FutureShield and the University of Windsor joined forces with emergency responders to provide situational awareness and crisis management software in support of a major US-Canada cross border exercise called Exercise Central Gateway 1

The purpose of this joint exercise was to test emergency preparedness and response during a mock terrorism event – one of the biggest Ontario exercises ever.  With Windsor being so close to the US border and a vital traffic flow corridor for trade between the US and Canada, participants understood the value of securing their location for the economic well-being of Canada.

This event was a “first” for many things, and it seemed to be the most-used phrase among participants:  “first time” things were tried, “first time” to see something function in the field, “first time” to see something work.  And one of the biggest “firsts” that were shown in this exercise is the realization that private industry, academia, government officials and first responders can work together to enhance and improve our ability to keep our nation safe and secure. 

With the incredible efforts among the exercise coordinators and participants, the government funding by organizations such as the DRDC Centre for Security Science and its CRTI and PSTP programs, with private industry like EmerGeo and FutureShield offering their technology support and products, this exercise showed that this first will not be the last.

Read the full Case Study here: <link to PDF document>

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