Customer Testimonials

“The power of the application was realized when we unified these emergency operations centres in our latest exercise some weeks back and everyone was “on the same page” with the volumes of information being generated. FusionPoint and the phenomenal abilities of your staff in the implementation stage and support of this exercise truly demonstrated to all that EmerGeo Solutions and the work you do is truly first‐rate.”  Click here for more background.

- Campus Community Police, The University of Windsor

“The City’s Emergency Management Department has been using the EmerGeo software for over 5 years for crisis management and situational awareness support during major emergencies and major events.  Both EmerGeo Mapping and Fusionpoint Version 5 are installed and operational.  The software has been instrumental in supporting management of incidents, operational activities, inter-agency communications and provides a historical log record of events for after action reporting and legal record.  The software was recently used successfully to support security and emergency management activities during the 2010 Olympic Games® held in Vancouver and Whistler, BC.

The City of Vancouver is very satisfied with the products, technical support and services provided by EmerGeo Solutions.  The City recently recognized EmerGeo with our “Partners in Preparedness Award”.  This award recognized EmerGeo’s outstanding commitment and contributions to enhancing the City’s emergency preparedness.

The City looks forward to continuing collaborative work with EmerGeo and we are happy to recommend the company’s crisis management products and services.” Click here for copy of letter.

- Office of Emergency Management, City of Vancouver

“EmerGeo has only been installed for about a month, and its performance is excellent. We have had no significant issues reported, and the user feedback received has been positive.”

“SLIP-EM has recently initiated a pilot arrangement with an emergency management agency to look at a spatial support capability using EmerGeo. On the 21st and 22nd of May there was a storm event in Perth where we were commissioned by the agency to provide a spatial service within the operations headquarters for the duration of the event. Even though this was a medium scale event with about 400 damage reports and only a handful of these serious it was still a good opportunity to trial EmerGeo in the environment that the agency would like to see it used.

Post the event, the team have collected feedback on how EmerGeo performed and generally the service was well received with the mapping officer coordinating the support quoting “EmerGeo provides a suitable platform to deliver a quick, portable and robust mapping portrayal system to the agency during storm events. The ability to very quickly import the damage report data sets and share these views at multiple locations I think will provide the agency with a more than capable mapping facility”.

- Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia (FESA).

“Other GIS systems were meeting our needs, but EmerGeo’s product bundle has tools that are a better match to what we do. It takes us a lot less time to get staff trained in the use of EmerGeo software than it has in the past using other systems.

These are some of the things that make EmerGeo Fusionpoint unique and beneficial for us:

  • Better day-to-day situational awareness from targeted alerting, without user intervention.
  • We receive information on fires going on in the City within minutes of the fire being reported rather than 45-50 minutes afterwards from other news alert emails we used to rely on.
  • Allows us to create frequent, simple log entries for faster-paced events.

Thanks again to you and the rest of the folks at EmerGeo for your continued support and willingness to accept our development ideas as your products continue to move forward. We look forward to continuing this very worthwhile partnership and wish you all the best.”

- Office of Emergency Management, City of Vancouver

“I just wanted to drop you a note that we used Emergeo operationally on a big water main break. I have not had the time yet to build links between our existing (WebEOC) boards and Emergeo. We had to do some quick refresher training about adding layers because we were receiving a lot of ESRI shapefile (map layer) inputs (affected water customers, water quality complaint calls, etc…). We found the best way to incorporate them was to add them as project layers. The bottom line is that the software worked great. Thanks.”

- City of Seattle EOC