Emergency Management

Natural or man made incidents span from routine to extreme. As incidents become more extreme, they also become more complex, uncertainty emerges and communications start to break down. The growth of an incident from small to regional and the coordination of resources and personnel can be overwhelming.

Managing the chaos requires technology and process that is both flexible and scalable but also has the muscle to manage the complexity of the changing landscape.

Our global practice leverages the “hands-on” expertise of our staff and partners, providing opportunities to work with and deploy many different methodologies. Our lessons learned and best practices are then integrated into “best of breed” solutions for our clients. The combination of global best practices, highly scalable and robust technology plus “real world” emergency management consulting places EmerGeo as a one-stop solution for virtually all of your Emergency Management needs.

Underpinning our Emergency Management practice and technology is our unique 6 Objective Resiliency Framework. This methodology ensures that our clients benefit from a holistic approach to emergency management. This approach includes:

  • Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (HRVCA): A thorough understanding of the threats an organization or a community faces is the first step in developing a comprehensive emergency program and plan. In the assessment phase, we quantify and qualify the risks associated with the hazards. Using EmerGeo mapping software, we map hazards, risks and vulnerabilities in this critical phase. We also use EmerGeo and hazard models to plan.
  • Hazard mitigation planning: Once the hazards and associated risks have been analyzed, the next step is to examine all options to prevent or reduce the consequences of an emergency. Professional engineering staff in all disciplines are engaged to assist in the development of technical plans.
  • Emergency response plan development: Based on the HRVA, a comprehensive emergency plan is then developed. This plan contains the important policies and procedures to be followed during an emergency. This includes personnel and resource contact lists. Integration of your existing plan into EmerGeo is provided. We specialize in government emergency plans and oil refinery/handling facility spill contingency plans.
  • Emergency response assistance during an incident or crisis: We pride ourselves on being one of the few firms that practices in the “real world”. We are under contract to several oil and gas companies as well as governments to provide expertise in a Command Post or an Emergency Operations Centre during an emergency. We deploy with mobile EmerGeo mapping and communications capability as well as plume dispersion, spill trajectory, and earthquake shake modeling software. We can deploy ruggedized servers and notebook computers with wired and wireless telecommunications capability.
  • Recovery planning: Many organizations concentrate on developing emergency plans but often forget that the recovery phase of an emergency can last many times longer, sometimes years. Based upon the Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment conducted in Objective 1, we develop comprehensive recovery plans for all types of public and private organizations.
  • Preparedness: In this Objective, we ensure that our clients purchase the right hardware, software and training. We develop and conduct mock disaster exercises, design and equip Incident Command Posts and Emergency Operations Centres and work with qualified Associates to conduct all types of emergency management training.
  • Emergency management plan and program audits: We often begin our work with new clients in this Objective by conducting a thorough audit of their emergency management program. This provides the client with a gap analysis and allows us to truly customize the client’s program. It also saves money by identifying areas that need work immediately and areas that can wait.

Todays incident commander is faced with a overwhelming amount of information and a wide variety of requests, from different sources, in different formats, all with the expectation of immediate action. Quickly and securely collaborating among jurisdictions is paramount to saving lives and protecting the health and safety of the public, responders, and recovery workers. EmerGeo FusionPoint and mapping enhance the the ability of the First Responder and Incident Commander to respond to and recover from incidents and events by providing a common operating picture, resource management and controlled information flows through a single collaboration platform.

EmerGeo and its Associates have the expertise, experience and flexibility to meet your needs with tailored products and professional services, including risk assessments, strategies, training, exercises, and disaster-proven software.