EmerGeo Speaking at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) & Disaster Response Operations Conference (India)

Mumbai, India – February 14-15, 2011 – The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) & Disaster Response Operations Conference is designed to address emerging trends in comprehensive emergency & disaster management systems, integration of Critical Infrastructures and key resources (such as power, atomic stations, bridges, dams, oil installations, gas pipe lines etc), and role of the EOC.

Stakeholders from Government (including all 14 emergency service function agencies) and the private sector need to follow standardized emergency response management procedures and practices and sharpen their “group skills” through exercising and training on regular basis.

Global experts, including EmerGeo’s representative (Mr. Bryce Mitchell) will speak on: technology (emergency communication, intelligent decision support systems), interoperability and scalability issues connected with EOC design. Day-1 of the conference includes experts from Illinois Fire Service Institute (USA), along with Mr. M V Deshmukh (Director, State Fire Service, MH) deliberating on Emergency & Disaster Pre-Event Planning, Initial Response, Critical Decision-making and Multi-State Response in four separate breakout sessions. Day-2 of the conference is devoted to EOC design, operation and management.

More conference information is available at http://respect.org.in/icerdm/conference_agenda.php.

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