EmerGeo Implemented in Victoria Police, Australia

Vancouver, B.C., May 25, 2010 – EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc. (TSX-V: EMG), a global leader in the development of emergency management software, is pleased to announce the successful deployment of EmerGeo Mapping software by our Australian Partner, Spatial Vision, for the Victoria Police.

In readiness for the 2009 bush fire season, Victoria Police implemented a crisis information management system: PEEC (Police Emergency and Event Command). The PEEC system was developed by combining two leading EM software products: WebEOC® internet-based emergency incident management software and EmerGeo’s internet and mobile emergency mapping technology.

According to Victoria’s Police Commander Dennis Henry, who oversaw the PEEC’s implementation, the system gives Victoria Police better situational awareness than they’ve ever had before. PEEC is a powerful tool that Commander Henry believes has the potential to become a core business system for Victoria Police. It allows officials within the State Operations Centre (SOC) to collect, organize, analyze, and report on incident data during planned and unplanned emergencies. “Most importantly, PEEC brings consistency and timeliness to the data that Victoria Police use to manage their response to events”, Henry explains.

Officers in the field at command posts around Victoria now have the ability to update event information giving the State Operations Centre much better visibility of what’s happening and where it’s happening as it occurs.

WebEOC is produced by ESi in the US and distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Critchlow Limited. EmerGeo is produced in Canada by EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc. and supported in Australia by Spatial Vision.

Steve Critchlow from the New Zealand organization says, “WebEOC provides a common platform for managing information about an emergency situation. Tasks can be assigned and their status monitored and situation reports produced from real-time data. Decision-making becomes more effective when there’s visibility of the emergency situation as it unfolds.”

“Another advantage of this system is that it gives Victoria Police an effective way to operationalize data from other agencies”, explains Graeme Martin of Spatial Vision who oversaw implementation of PEEC’s GIS mapping functionality. By utilizing EmerGeo Mapping to combine WebEOC with agency data, the Victoria Police can achieve real-time situational awareness. EmerGeo provides a real-time picture of what is happening and analysis tools to understand who and what is or could be impacted.

Another important component of PEEC is that it enables Police to use information from previous incidents to plan and improve their response to future events. The incident simulator enables debriefing, enquiries and training exercises to be based on information that flows from actual events.

Victoria Police joins eight other city, state and federal Australian agencies that are already using WebEOC technology supplied by New Zealand-based Critchlow. EmerGeo mapping software supports Western Australia’s emergency management platform and is also used by the Gold Coast City Council’s disaster coordination center.

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