EmerGeo Implementing an Enterprise Emergency Management System in Large Gas and Electric Utility

WebEOC and EmerGeo software selected by Sempra Energy to support enterprise emergency management.

VANCOUVER, B.C., October 23, 2007

EmerGeo Solutions of Vancouver, B.C. is please to announce that Sempra Energy Utilities has contracted with EmerGeo Solutions to implement a corporate emergency information management system.

EmerGeo Sempra Energy is a Fortune 500, energy services holding company whose subsidiaries provide electricity, natural gas and value-added products and services and is the largest publicly held company headquartered in San Diego (in terms of revenues and net income).  With nearly 13,000 employees, Sempra Energy is the parent company of Sempra Energy Utilities (SEu) and Sempra Energy Global Enterprises.

In February 2007, initiated a public tendering process to select an emergency management software solution. The system had to provide real-time information sharing and collaboration among key stakeholders, rapid processing and tracking of requests, and efficient communication among internal and external key stakeholders such as City and County of San Diego, Los Angeles and the State Office of Emergency Services personnel.  The system also had to also be utilized for managing “non-energy” related incidents such as terrorism, hazardous material spills, major outages, customer or employee injuries, and damaged gas/electric infrastructure.  Flexibility was a key requirement to allowing Sempra to configure the system for use by multiple businesses (gas and electric) for day-to day and large events.

After careful analysis and testing, the integrated WebEOC® and EmerGeo™ software applications were selected.

It is imperative to SEu that resuming business in the shortest time frame possible is critical for the safety of its communities, customers and employees. This project provides for the replacement of obsolete stand-alone Emergency Services applications with a more streamlined, secure and manageable architecture applications to maximize business and system agility.  The application(s) replacement will deliver needed functionality with newer, modular off-the-shelf integrated solutions.  This project will also create an environment to enable integration of multiple applications and interfaces to existing legacy system data.  This project will enhance SEu with the ability to manage responses and recovery processes and supporting activities from local or remote sites, supporting the concept of a “Virtual EOC”.

“We are extremely pleased that Sempra has selected EmerGeo Solutions Inc. to implement the WebEOC crisis management and EmerGeo mapping software.  Sempra is a leader in the gas and electric markets and we see great opportunities to leverage this technology to help them meet corporate preparedness, response and recovery objectives.  A great deal of lessons have been learned over the past 20 years that we have been designing and implementing these systems and our team of experts will apply those lessons and best practices to ensure Sempra streamlines and improves business processes before, during and after an incident occurs”, states Mike Morrow    , a Director at EmerGeo Solutions Inc.


EmerGeo Solutions, Inc. is a Value-Added Reseller of the WebEOC software and also develops emergency mapping applications based on OpenGIS® standards.  EmerGeo continues to expand its implementations globally with recent installations in Canada, the USA, Australia and the Middle East. 

EmerGeo Solutions, Inc. provides consulting services and fully integrated situation awareness technology solutions to help manage risk in Emergency Management, Environment Health & Safety, Security and Business Resilience for government and industry. Our EmerGeo software application provides all decision-makers with timely access to critical information and the decision-support tools needed before, during and after emergencies and major events.

EmerGeo’s unique managed Common Operating Picture (mCOP™) technology allows information stored in siloed systems to be shared securely and in a controlled way among work groups so that all decision-makers are working from the most up-to-date, accurate and validated information available. Our hosted Learning Management System (eLearning) ensures customers can implement our technology and best practices in a cost-effective manner.

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