EmerGeo Version 4.0 Released


VANCOUVER, B.C. - August 5, 2008.  EmerGeo Solutions (TSX-V: EMG) a leading provider of Emergency Management GIS Mapping software and consulting services, is pleased to announce the availability of EmerGeo Version 4 with a new web browser interface.  This version of EmerGeo is the result of a collaborative effort between ESRI and EmerGeo.  After extensive development, customers will be pleased to learn that ESRI technology is being leveraged to enable interoperability and we are embracing it with EmerGeo NavigatorTM.

Key features of Version 4 include:

  • Ability to seamlessly bring together data from multiple sources;
  • Tight integration with ESRI based infrastructures;
  • Enhanced browser based interface for rapid scaling and simple drawing/plotting/publishing; and,
  • Continued support for EmerGeo’s mobile Smart Client for field operations and resiliency.

Version 4 contains the following major enhancements:

  • Embedded ArcGIS® Server technology for seamless integration of data from multiple ESRI sources:
    • ArcGIS Server map services;
    • ArcIMS;
    • ArcSDE®;
    • Geodatabases;
    • Web Map Services (WMS);
    • Locator Services; and,
    • Virtual Earth® through ArcGIS Online.
  • Enhanced browser functionality:
    • Full support for drawing and editing EmerGeo symbols that are shared and published in the same way as in the Smart Client; and,
    • Improved panning and zooming tools.
  • Fully scalable Web Map Services (WMS) server for interoperability with other OpenGIS® compliant systems.
  • Powerful technology platform for future expansion including:
    • Migration of tools that are currently available in the Smart Client to the Navigator browser including Hazard Models (ERG2008 plotter and ALOHA® interface);
    • Historical tracking;
    • Mobile mapping applications; and,
    • ArcMap extensions.

“We are excited about our new EmerGeo Navigator browser interface that integrates with ESRI’s ArcGIS Server” says Tim Webb    , Chief Technology Officer, of EmerGeo Solutions.  “This means that our tools can seamlessly interoperate within an ESRI infrastructure and leverage ESRI’s latest WebADF® technology. This sets the stage so that we can easily scale our range of flexible mapping solutions for Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) and the field,” continues Mr. Webb.

EmerGeo Navigator will be premiered at the ESRI International User Conference August 3 – 7, 2008 in San Diego.


About EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc.

EmerGeo Solutions provides fully integrated situation awareness technology, training and services to help government and industry manage risk in emergency management, environment health and safety, and security. EmerGeo’s unique managed Common Operating Picture (mCOPTM) software, based on open standards, provides a reliable, world-class risk management technology solution. Our software, training and professional services are proven effective in helping government and industry around the world to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, natural disasters, acts of terrorism and planned events.

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