Ensure Preparedness

Preparedness actions ensure that individuals and agencies will be ready to react effectively in an emergency situation. While the activities can be wide ranging, the primary measures include gathering equipment required to respond, individual and collective training, and exercising members of the response community. Actions are wide-ranging with emphasis on coordination and training.

So, how can software enhance this process?

As equipment is purchased and trained on, it would be captured and details entered in the Resource Management component of EmerGeo Fusionpoint. Resource storage locations would also be plotted on EmerGeo maps (for deployment and tracking purposes).  The resource information would then also be available during the the Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability and Capability Assessment (HRVCA) to support updating that report.

As anyone involved in Emergency Management knows, you exercise in hope of never having to respond. The quality and effectiveness of exercises and simulations need to be tracked and measured.  By capturing exercise information in a Competency Management System application linked into EmerGeo Fusionpoint, Emergency Managers would have quick access to information on who has been trained, to what level, on what equipment and where they are located as well as how to contact them.

EmerGeo mapping “hot links” can be used to tie this information to facilities and jurisdictions, providing a clearer picture of preparedness of first responders at any point in time.