Plan for Recovery

What is Recovery?

Recovery encompasses the repair, replacement or restoration of essential infrastructure services.  In practice it may also include the re-introduction of displaced persons, economic impact studies, counseling, financial assistance programs, temporary housing, and health and safety information.

In instances like Hurricane Katrina or more recently the Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, this process can continue for an extended period of time. Without a clear understanding of the situation and approach to recovery, the process can seem almost endless.

EmerGeo software helps simplify the process.

Example Usage:
A typical effort during the recovery phase is damage assessment. This generally entails individuals walking or driving through the devastation taking notes, pictures and GPS coordinates of specific areas, structures and infrastructure that need attention. EmerGeo Fusiopoint and Mapping would then be used to track  damaged areas and assist in the prioritization of re-construction and restoration efforts and funding.

As work is completed and information is updated, EmerGeo Fusionpoint and its maps would automatically be updated and visually display the areas most affected and the progress of the assessment effort.

Many humanitarian aid agencies become involved in recovery operations after disasters. This can often be frustrating to governments. FusionPoint is the ideal tool to manage activities by having agencies log on and update their activities and allowing the authority having jurisdiction to visualize and coordinate activities.

These approaches speed recovery and reduce overall cost and consequence.