Fusionpoint™ Situational Awareness Software Keeps Responders Connected via Satellite

Vancouver, B.C., – June 17, 2011 – EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc. (TSX-V: EMG), a leading provider of emergency management software, and its UAE Partner Atlas Telecom (http://www.atlastelecom.ae/) have demonstrated the use of EmerGeo’s Fusionpoint crisis management and situational awareness software over a satellite data network in the Middle East.

Recent disasters have proven that emergency responders cannot always rely on their day-to-day means of communications. Earthquakes, floods, fires, tornados, explosions and other events often affect network infrastructures that responders rely on to coordinate life saving activities. In addition, there is a need to communicate in remote areas that may not allow more standard network infrastructure. Prudent planning of secondary and tertiary data networks is essential to ensure responders can save lives, minimize property damage and, importantly, ensure their own safety.

The demonstration was conducted in Abu Dhabi in May 2011 using a standard Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) land portable terminal from Inmarsat™ using the Standard IP Data Service; higher speeds and dedicated bandwidth are also available on the BGAN Network and would only improve performance for crisis management applications such as Fusionpoint.

Three configurations were used to demonstrate this capability each with a different style of implementation:

1) Browser Access – The simplest way to access Fusionpoint servers over a satellite link. Direct access from a laptop, running the Fusionpoint Dashboard application in a web browser, through the BGAN connection to an EmerGeo server on the Internet.

2) Local Fusionpoint Server – This simulates a Mobile Command Center or Command Vehicle running its own servers and networks. The local EmerGeo Server consumes, analyzes and displays a real time feed of incident and resource status information provided by another remote EmerGeo Server on the internet, again using a BGAN connection. This same information sharing mechanism can be used for the controlled publishing of information between multiple EmerGeo servers on a range of different network connections with relatively poor bandwidth.

3) Local Client Application running on a Laptop – this would be appropriate for a ruggedized field unit. A local EmerGeo Smart Client (mobile application) synchronizes information with a remote EmerGeo Server on the internet through the BGAN connection. Information can flow both to and from the local Smart Client application that can be used for mapping and other activities such as plume modelling.

To complete the mobile demonstration all work carried out on the EmerGeo servers on the Internet was carried out using a standard commercial 3G connection from a local GSM provider.

All three of these connection configurations worked exceptionally well over the BGAN network.

EmerGeo VSAT Configuration

“This is a great demonstration of how modern communication technologies can be used along with EmerGeo software to rapidly enable incident command and situational awareness in remote locations and other situations where traditional network infrastructure is not available” said Tim Webb, Chief Technology Officer at EmerGeo Solutions. “Situational awareness is an essential component of response and ensuring that emergency applications can communicate over multiple networks is critical because you never know what network will be available during disasters”, explains Webb.

EmerGeo has extensive international crisis management and event experience, applying best practices and open technology solutions through work with a range of government and industry organizations around the world.

About EmerGeo
EmerGeo develops emergency management software solutions and provides consulting services and support to government and industry around the globe. EmerGeo’s Fusionpoint™ and integrated emergency mapping applications are used to log, track and communicate critical information required by emergency and security personnel. By leveraging open web standards, EmerGeo’s software brings together data from dispatch, crisis management, mapping, camera and other third-party systems, providing a common operating picture. EmerGeo’s technology and people have been at the forefront of some of the world’s largest disasters and are proven effective in helping government and industry to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from potential or actual incidents, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or pre-planned events.

Fusionpoint is a trademark of EmerGeo Solutions, Inc. The International Mobile Satellite Organization is the registered proprietor of the trade mark INMARSAT and has granted to Inmarsat an exclusive licence to use the trade mark.

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