General information

Q: What does EmerGeo stand for?
A: Emergency Geography.

Q: When was EmerGeo incorporated?
A: EmerGeo was incorporated on July 2, 2002.

Q: When did EmerGeo become a public company?
A: EmerGeo went public through an acquisition which was concluded in the spring of 2008.

Q: What stock exchange is EmerGeo traded on?
A: EmerGeo is traded on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange under the symbol EMG (TSX.V).

Q: Where is the Company’s headquarters?
A: EmerGeo’s headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company also has sales and service offices located in Florida (USA) and Abu Dhabi (UAE). Resellers provide EmerGeo software sales, support and services from Canada, USA, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, India, Europe and other markets.

Q: Can I visit EmerGeo?
A: EmerGeo’s facilities are primarily used for business purposes only and are not open to the public. Each year, we welcome all of our shareholders to the EmerGeo Annual Meeting of Stockholders which is typically held in Vancouver, B.C. each fall.

Financial data

Q: What is EmerGeo’s fiscal year end?
A: March 31st.

Q: When do EmerGeo’s fiscal quarters end?
A: June 30th, September 30th, December 31st, and March 31st.

Q: When does EmerGeo announce quarterly earnings?
A: Within 60 days of quarter end and 120 days of quarter end.

Q: How can I view EmerGeo’s latest financial reports?
A: EmerGeo posts all filings to the SEDAR web site Sedar.com as well as on the EmerGeo Investor Relations web site.

Q: How can I get a copy of EmerGeo’s financial filings?

A: In addition to printing or downloading information from the EmerGeo Investor Relations web site, you can also visit the www.SEDAR.com web site.

Q: Where can I find historical financial information about EmerGeo?
A: Historical financial information about EmerGeo can be found on the EmerGeo Investor Relations web site under the section titled Financial Highlights or you can access www.SEDAR.com, under Company profiles.

Q: Who is EmerGeo’s auditor?
A: Meyers Norris Penny LLP located in Vancouver, British Columbia

Stock information

Q: How can I get a history of EmerGeo’s closing stock price?
A: The EmerGeo Investor Relations web site contains a closing stock price chart in the section titled Stock Information. Click here to view EmerGeo’s stock price. You can also access the TSX website at www.tsx.com.

Shareholder information

Q: How can I buy EmerGeo stock?

A: EmerGeo’s shares are actively traded on the TSX Venture Exchange. Shares can be acquired through consultation with your investment advisor.

Q: I own EmerGeo stock and have a number of EmerGeo stock certificates in my possession. If I have questions about these certificates, who do I contact?
A: Please contact your investment advisor or EmerGeo’s IR Department at


Q: What is a transfer agent?
A: A transfer agent is hired by a publicly traded corporation to maintain records of corporate stock transactions, Pacific Corporate Trust Company (a ComputerShare Company), which keeps track of all outstanding stock certificates and the registered holder of those certificates.

Q: What is a registered shareholder?

A: A registered shareholder is the owner of the stock as recorded by the transfer agent. The registered shareholder’s name appears on the stock certificate.

Q: What if I hold shares through my broker? Am I a registered shareholder? Do I still need to contact the transfer agent?
A: A transfer agent does not keep track of shares traded or held through brokerage accounts. Stocks that are held in a brokerage account are considered to be held in “street name,” which means that those shares are held on behalf of the stockholder by the broker. In this case, the transfer agent considers the brokerage to be the registered shareholder. It is the responsibility of the brokerage to keep track of the accounts of their clients and to provide those clients with information regarding their EmerGeo shares, including the delivery of Proxy Statements.

Q: Can I receive my annual meeting materials — including financials, annual overview, and proxy statements via e-mail?

A: Yes. All EmerGeo stockholders can elect to receive annual meeting and proxy materials online. With this option, you can also vote electronically on the annual proxy statement.

Q: I never received an Annual Proxy Statement. What should I do?
A: It’s possible that the mailing address held by your broker or by EmerGeo’s transfer agent is not current. If you own shares through a broker, contact your broker directly to confirm your current mailing address and inquire why you may not be getting the proxy. If you hold EmerGeo stock certificates, contact EmerGeo’s IR Department at

Q: When do I get my Annual Proxy Statement?
A: It varies from year to year, but the Proxy Statement is typically issued to EmerGeo stockholders during the second fiscal quarter of the year.

Q: When is the next Annual Meeting of Stockholders?
A: The AGM is usually held in the fall of each year.

More information

Q: As an investor in EmerGeo or a person interested in becoming one, how do I obtain additional financial information about EmerGeo?
A: For financial literature please call our toll free number at 1-888-577-0911.


Q: How do I contact EmerGeo Investor Relations?
A: You can email Michael Morrow at morrow@emergeo.com, or call the Investor Relations Department at (toll free) 1-888-577-0911.

The EmerGeo mailing address is:
Investor Relations
EmerGeo Solutions, Inc.
1001 – 1166 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z3

You can also contact us through our online investor information request form or by email to ir@emergeo.com