Management Team

Mike Morrow, President

Mike is a co-founder of EmerGeo Solutions and brings over 21 years of experience in the design, implementation and marketing of emergency management and major event security planning systems in government and industry. He has managed more than 50 major crisis management systems development and implementation projects around the world.  These include: security planning and response systems for the 2002 G8 Summit Meeting in Alberta and the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver as well as emergency management information system implementations for Western Australia, several US State and Canadian Provincial Emergency Management Agencies, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Sempra Energy and dozens of local government agencies and corporations.

Mike is a “hands-on” emergency management practitioner who has supported many emergency exercises and has worked alongside emergency responders during several major emergencies and special events around the globe. He continues to help government and industry to effectively implement incident management systems, leveraging existing and open technologies whenever practical.

Mike has held senior sales and management positions for several crisis management software companies prior to starting EmerGeo.  He is an active member of several emergency management associations and a contributor to emergency management industry groups that are developing and promoting open interoperability standards for the emergency management industry.  Mike holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary (Alberta) and gained his technical training from IBM Canada as a Systems Engineer and Marketing Representative for some of IBM’s large oil and gas customers.

Tim Webb, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


Tim has been involved in the design and development of software tools throughout his career. His broad experience has included design, development and implementation of database systems, simulation models, statistical estimation tools, expert systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based software, and data exploration tools. For a number of years, while working with ESSA and Nobility Software Systems Inc., this work focused on the development of the Calyx family of software that uses an expert system combined with GIS to produce tools for environmental impact assessment and land management. Other software designed include systems for the environmental management of training ranges for the Australian and Canadian armed forces and an advanced database system for the tracking and management of environmental impact assessment reviews in Vietnam and Thailand.

Tim has coordinated a research project funded by the Canadian government that developed systems to assist in planning for disasters resulting from earthquakes, floods, landslides, and tornadoes. This collection of tools, was a hybrid of GIS, expert systems, and models and allowed the user to rapidly explore various scenarios and determine levels of damage to buildings and facilities, injuries and death, and numbers of people likely to require shelter. Tim has produced a number of similar spatial models (EM-Tools) that are integrated into the EmerGeo mapping application.

Tim is the Chief Technology Officer and lead developer of the EmerGeo system.