EmerGeo Solutions is expanding the use of its emergency mapping engine through partnerships with value-added technology providers and emergency and security experts around the world. Our long-term strategic business partnerships with global system integrators, consultants and technology leaders remains at the centre of our go-to-market strategy. The formation and management of such cooperative partnerships has become a core competency for EmerGeo. In addition, the EmerGeo Alliance Program ensures that our business partners are well versed in our technology and able to successfully meet the needs of our customers. As a result, our business partnerships and alliances:

  • allow our customers to maintain choice when making their business decisions
  • allow our customers to work with firms with which they already have long-standing relationships
  • allow our customers to maximize the return on their existing technology infrastructure
  • provide our customers with confidence that they can deploy EmerGeo’s emergency management software on-time and on-budget
  • can manage customers’ need through our Partner Portal