EmerGeo offers technology products and services designed to help emergency managers overcome the challenge of effectively gathering and disseminating resources and information. Having experienced these challenges first-hand, EmerGeo’s emergency management team has identified the two most common areas in which planners and responders experience problems before, during and after major emergencies and disasters:

Lack of accurate incident intelligence.
It is critical that the right information be sent to the right person(s) at the right time. Decision making based on relevant, validated, real-time information delivered to relevant personnel results in a more effective management of critical resources.

A failure to communicate and coordinate (or “interoperability”).
The exchange of information (or “interoperability”) is key to effectively managing an emergency to save lives, reduce property damage, and protect the critical infrastructures we rely on daily.

EmerGeo offers two integrated product suites:

EmerGeo Fusionpoint

A web portal with crisis management functionality that brings together data from multiple emergency and non-emergency applications and displays it in a dashboard tailored to each role in your organization. Fusionpoint also has a Decision Support engine that triggers email alerts when either logged or consumed date meets thresholds, such as all incidents with a severity of “x” and within “x” distance of “critical infrastruture”. This feature reduces consequences of crisis and disasters through an early warning system.

EmerGeo Mapping

Open web-based (“Navigator”) and mobile (“Smart Client”) emergency mapping applications with a managed Common Operating Picture (mCOP) engine for controlled publishing of data among one or multiple agencies or departments.  EmerGeo’s mapping products integrate seamlessly with Fusionpoint and other mapping systems such as ESRI ArcGIS.