Portable EOC ™

EmerGeo Fusionpoint and mapping software and data can be bundled with a ruggedized and portable server system is designed to offer a powerful, mobile, turnkey EOC appliance that provides a true server class device coupled with three-screen displays, integrated wireless communications capability and high performance, modular data storage.

The ability to provide integrated solutions for both EOC’s and the field (mobile users) is no longer a nice to have – it is a requirement. By designing the system with all of the needed software and hardware components as a single mobile unit, and capability of supporting multiple PC’s through wired or wireless connections, it allows clients to deploy an “EOC in a box” capability.

An example of our bundled solution is a high end portable server (under 70 lbs) with three high-resolution LCD screens and fully integrated within a ruggedized construction to support the visually rich EmerGeo applications - purpose-built for resiliency and portability.