Customer Support

EmerGeo Customer Support Programs

EmerGeoTM understands that satisfied customers are our greatest asset. Our support services reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction by providing you with access to highly trained customer support staff when you need it. Like our applications, the latest online support technology is used to manage customer requests and streamline problem reporting, tracking and the resolution process.

Annual Support, Maintenance & Upgrades

First year Software Support is included with the purchase of EmerGeo™ and begins on the 1st day of the month following software installation. Software support includes 24/7 phone support and all EmerGeo™ software updates.

Software updates include:

  • Correction Release: Provided to resolve software anomalies (e.g., v5.2.1, 5.2.2, etc.)
  • Point Release: Modifications to current generation of software that include enhancements, improvements (e.g. v5.3, to 5.4)
  • Level Release: New release or new generation of software (e.g., v5.0 to 6.0)

Problem Resolution Process:

Support and problem requests may be submitted via phone, email or through the on-line support system. During regular working hours these requests are routed to the appropriate EmerGeo support technician in our Vancouver office. After hours calls are routed to the on-call support technician through a 24/7 dispatch service.

Upon receiving a support request, a case is entered into our on-line tracking system and assigned a case number. If the responding technician can resolve the request on-the-spot then the case is closed. If the request cannot be immediately resolved then the information is captured in our tracking system and escalated as appropriate.

Contacting Customer Support

Routine Support during normal business hours:

  • Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:00 Pacific (Excluding holidays)
  • Technical support phone: (604) 336-8120
  • Technical support email:
  • EmerGeo GoToAssist remote support: click here

Emergency Support after normal business hours (24/7 dispatcher):

  • Phone Direct: (604) 336-8120

When contacting Customer Support, please be sure to provide the following information in your request:

  • Your name and organization
  • Preferred method of response (phone, email)
  • Contact number(s) email addresses and times you are available
  • Detailed description of the problem/request including error messages, etc.