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  • What we do

    SIS EmerGeo, a subsidiary of Sai Infosystems Ltd, provides emergency and crisis management software and services to clients worldwide. In response to growing demands for multi-agency interoperability and real-time situational awareness, EmerGeo has developed two integrated products: Fusionpoint and EmerGeo Mapping.

    Many of us at EmerGeo are directly involved in emergency management in our communities and use our own software for planning, training and response. We have the experience to understand your needs and can help you tailor our software for both day-to-day use and disaster planning and response operations.

    Here is what our customers tell us is unique about EmerGeo software

    • Lower integration costs through the ability for non-technical emergency managers to easily pull in and aggregate critical data from multiple sources and view in both mapping and tabular formats.
    • Lower training costs and rapid adoption through the user-configurable and friendly interface, using modern web techniques.
    • Elimination of 'information overload' problems experienced with other crisis management software because there are multiple ways to view, filter, and sort data "on the fly" using standard techniques familiar to most users.
    • Enhanced situational awareness through automated e-mail alerting without user intervention, including the ability to filter/target alert e-mails (triggers) based on location of incidents/events. Here is a direct customer quote: "With Fusionpoint, we now receive information on fires going on in the City within minutes of the fire being reported rather than 45-50 minutes afterwards from the news alert emails issued from our local radio station (and that is not even consistent as they don't always send alerts for some incidents that they don't get information on in a timely manner)".
    • More efficient operations through use of simple logging tools requiring little typing rather than complex forms to fill out. No one has time to type during fast-paced events.

  • Fusionpoint™

    EmerGeo Fusionpoint™ delivers a single unified view of critical data to those who need it - regardless of what information systems they have invested in. Helping responders protect people, property and the environment is our goal. View a brochure.

    View a video of Fusionpoint's use during a US-Canada cross border interoperability study.


    EmerGeo Mapping

    EmerGeo provides more than just a GIS system – our unique managed Common Operating Picture (mCOP™) technology, based on open standards, provides reliable world-class risk management technology and professional services that are proven effective in helping government and industry to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and planned events.